(left to right) Ms. Sally Ababa, Bishop Ellie Mercado, Bishop Noel Pantoja, Dr. Andrew Liuson, Mr. Ron Luce, Bishop Ancho Buenaventura, Bishop Chito Ramos, and Dr. Nora Lucero.

Christian church leaders, bishops, pastors, and youth ministry movers gathered at The Legend Villas on November 13, 2018 for the Jesus Global Youth Day (JGYD) vision casting.

The vision casting event started with a heartfelt community singing led by couple, Pastor Rommel and Susan Guevara, which was followed by a solemn prayer led by JGYD Philippine Steering Committee member and National Director of Operation Mobilisation Philippines, Ms. Sally Ababa.

The event highlighted the need of the church to reach out to today’s youth and engage them toward an active lifestyle of faith and commitment to God. The clarion call was made by Mr. Ron Allen Luce, Co-Chairman of Jesus Global Youth Day and President of Generation Next.

According to Mr. Luce, an efficient way to involve youth in churches is to pass the Baton of the Gospel to them at the “exchange zone,” which is between 13 to 20 years old, where they are most likely to come to Christ. Globally, there are 1.8 billion youth in the exchange zone, while in the Philippines, there are approximately 25 million of them. By knowing the right opportunity on when and how to pass on the proverbial baton, the more churches can retain the reality and relevance of Christ among the youth.

Everyone showed full support for the vision; some even suggested various ways to invite more youth to the JGYD event.

In the Philippines, the youth are considered the hope of our nation. To have efforts like the JGYD is truly a step toward the right direction. Imagine a nation, a world, where young people are living out their lives according to the Lord’s divine design. The church must wise up – and wise up fast! A generation is waiting for the baton that has to be passed.