Church leaders around the world are faced with the reality that youth in their communities are increasingly addicted to technology, social media, and the influence of media without morals. It has become harder to reach them and we see the effects in our families and in our weekly church attendance.

The ongoing frustration of doing all we know to do, yet actually reaching less of them, is increasing among leaders around the world. We all know they are the leaders of the next generation, but we are the leaders of this generation.

Studies (see ‘Christianity as default is gone’ in The Guardian) have shown that most countries are not impacting the next generation with the Gospel in a significant way, which will trigger a massive reduction in the size of the Church. Think about it, without the youth filling the pews, worshipping Jesus, who will be in those pews in 10-20 years? Thousands of churches in South Korea  (see ‘Christian churches in sharp decline in South Korea’ article in Al Jazeera) have closed for that very reason. Literally, everyone in the church had died and there was no one to take their place.

Data is overwhelming that most people come to Christ before they are 20 years old. It is while they are young and pliable that they are more likely to commit to Christ and follow Him their entire lives. But how will they come?

There are glimpses of effective ways to reach youth in various pockets of the world. Some are very effective in leveraging those youth who come to Christ to reach their own generation.

In order to make a dramatic shift, it will demand that we as leaders focus – the power of focus is what Jesus Global Youth Day is all about. The leaders of the Body of Christ will come together and bring their youths to Manila in a demonstration of mass support for the next generation.

We as leaders of the Body of Christ are uniting around the next generation. Focus. Pastors, youth leaders, denominational heads, and international leaders are all in agreement, now is the time to focus on Generation Next.

We are uniting together in Manila on August 8-10, 2019, with hundreds of thousands of youths from youth groups all over the world. This will be a time of celebration, commissioning, and equipping these youth to reach their generation. This global event with a global focus on youth has never happened before in history.

While in Manila the following will take place:

  • Festival of cross-cultural worship with worship artists from all over the world. A massive number of globally diverse youths will gather in downtown Manila for the festival.
  • Exclusive pastors’ congress during the event with an international teaching team to showcase models of effective youth ministry from various locations. Leaders will be equipped to bring models home to their own countries.
  • Youth pastors and leaders’ congress will equip leaders from around the world, so youth leaders will return home with models that work to implement in their own countries.
  • Livestreaming of the three-day event (two congresses and three main sessions) via host churches from all over the world, breaching geographical boarders and reaching out to maximum number of young people.
  • Hosting participating international youth groups to a pre-event week-long mission immersion for a unique community-campus-church engagement through the Gospel of Christ.
  • Launching of a one-year global youth evangelism blitz, with every church a ‘youth friendly’ gathering place and every youth equipped to share their life-giving encounter with Christ with their generation.